New Brunswick's car insurance system is outdated and inflexible.

Even tiny modernizations, like electronic proof of insurance, that almost every jurisdiction in North America accepts, have not been approved in New Brunswick.

It’s time for a system update that benefits the budgets of drivers by helping prevent sudden, significant rate increases and allowing for decreases when warranted.

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Join the growing voices of New Brunswickers calling for a modernized car insurance system for our province.


New Brunswick drivers deserve an auto insurance system that allows insurers to respond to their needs, while maintaining oversight over insurers and keeping the best interests of consumers at the forefront. The current system not only fails to protect consumers from rate spikes, it may actually cause them. The government of New Brunswick has been regulating insurance rates the same way for almost 20 years. A lot has changed in car insurance and the world in that time. Now is a good time for positive change.

Whether it is to buy groceries, drive to medical appointments, or commute to and from school and work, New Brunswickers rely on their cars to live their lives. Driving is an essential need but, with gas prices going up across the country, it’s becoming more and more difficult to budget for.

With the cost of everything around us rising, New Brunswickers cannot afford unpredictable and unstable auto insurance premiums. However, New Brunswick’s current system is helping make that happen. Because of excessive red tape and bureaucracy in the system, auto insurance rates can have large, unpredictable spikes that can be disruptive to New Brunswickers’ budgets. The system is so inflexible that your insurance company can’t price your premiums based on the market trends. This means even if your insurance company would like to lower prices, the system doesn’t make it easy.  

Let’s make car insurance stable and predictable in New Brunswick.

The Facts

The New Brunswick government’s process for setting auto insurance premiums is one of the most time-consuming, costly and inefficient in the country. This can result in large, unpredictable auto insurance price spikes that may disrupt drivers’ budgets.

Research shows drivers want change

Almost 80% of survey respondents in New Brunswick think the government should consider significant regulatory reforms in order to stabilize premiums.

9 in 10 said it is important for the government to allow customizing insurance coverages and the resulting premiums.

More than half said their auto insurance premium has increased within the past 12 months.

*Source: Auto Insurance Public Opinion Survey, MQO Research (2022).

It’s time for the government to stop the spikes – we’ve had enough unpredictability over the last few years.

The Issue

Rising costs. Automotive-related costs are on the rise across the province and the country. Compounded by inflation and the lingering effects of the pandemic, rising costs are making it harder for many New Brunswickers to pay their bills. Large spikes in auto insurance prices just make things worse. They are bad for New Brunswick drivers and bad for the province’s economic recovery.
The Government of New Brunswick can make the change that is needed – they regulate insurers. The government of New Brunswick can help provide stability to drivers and shield them from large, unpredictable increases in auto insurance rates. How much you pay for auto insurance in New Brunswick is regulated by the government. It’s time to let your MLA know you want stability and predictability in your auto insurance premiums.

Join us now to make your voice heard.

A word from Insurance Bureau of Canada

The Avoid the Shock campaign is supported and sponsored by IBC – the national industry association representing Canada’s private home, auto, and business insurers.  

Our current system needs reform to ensure New Brunswickers are protected from unexpected auto insurance price increases. While we’re motivated to make this system a reality, change will only occur if drivers – and voters – make their voices heard. That’s why we’re asking you to speak up and tell your MLA it’s time to modernize the auto insurance system.